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 +====== Project Idorus ======
 +[[:​|Projects index]]
 +===== Details =====
 +  * Current version: 0.0.1build23,​ published on July 5th 2008
 +  * Released under a [[http://​www.linfo.org/​bsdlicense.html|Two-clause BSD license]]
 +  * Requires at least [[http://​java.sun.com|Java]] v6
 +===== Description =====
 +Idorus is a wrapper around wget, curl (other http downloaders can easily be added) to download multiple files in parallel; it simply invokes the chosen downloader (up to a configurable number of simultaneous sessions)for each passed URL with the provided command-line arguments.
 +This is a pre-release,​ some parts are pretty rough but the basic functionality is there.
 +By default wget will be used (will be configurable in the future), a java property can be set to use curl (or a custom downloader).
 +By design, Idorus takes no command-line arguments (everything in the command-line will be passed verbatim in each downloader invocation),​ any configurable options can be defined from the command-line by use of Java properties, though.
 +Currently recognised properties are:
 +  * ''​backend'':​ Chooses with downloader to use
 +  * ''​threads'':​ Sets the maximum number of files to download simultaneously (when one of them completes a new one is started if some are remaining)
 +  * ''<​backendname>​_path'':​ (Not really needed anymore, will ask automatically ---only once--- if required) Sets the path of the downloader executable.
 +<wrap info>​Note </​wrap>​(nbsp)Idorus is built on top of [[pluggablejs]] so it they both must be downloaded; to ease usage I'm also publishing a jar file
 +containing both.
 +===== Usage =====
 +For these examples I'll be using the full Java command-line,​ a wrapper will be provided in future releases.
 +  * Default settings (use wget and 4 simultaneous downloads)\\ <​code>​$ java -jar idorus.jar http://​someurl1 http://​someurl2 http://​someurl3 http://​someurl4 http://​someurl5</​code>​
 +  * Use curl and download two files simultaneously at most\\ <​code>​$ java -Dbackend=curl -Dthreads=2 -jar idorus.jar http://​someurl1 http://​someurl2 http://​someurl3 http://​someurl4 http://​someurl5</​code>​
 +  * Get a list of backends\\ <​code>​$ java -Dbackend=? -jar idorus.jar</​code>​
 +  * Get a list of backends and the plugin file from where each is loaded\\ <​code>​$ java -Dbackend?? -jar idorus.jar</​code>​
 +===== Download =====
 +This is a pre-release,​ expect some unpolished edges.
 +  * Binary jar, including requirements
 +    * [[/​files/​idorus/​idorus-0.0.1build23-rel.jar|idorus-0.0.1build23-rel.jar]]
 +  * Debian binary package
 +    * [[deb>​files/​idorus/​idorus_0.0.1build23-upstream.0_all.deb|idorus_0.0.1build23-upstream.0_all.deb]] + [[deb>​files/​pluggablejs/​libpluggablejs-java_1.1.1build36-upstream.0_all.deb|pluggablejs deb]]
 +  * Binary jar, separate pluggablejs
 +    * [[/​files/​idorus/​idorus-0.0.1build23.jar|idorus-0.0.1build23.jar]] + [[/​files/​pluggablejs/​pluggablejs-1.1.1build36.jar|pluggablejs jar]]
 +  * Source jar
 +    * [[/​files/​idorus-0.0.1build23-src.jar|idorus-0.0.1build23-src.jar]]
 +<WRAP classes rightalign small>//​(c) 2008 Toni Corvera <outlyer at gmail dot com>//</​WRAP>​
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