Network Type Indicator (Android App)

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Details and download

See its Google Play Store page.


Android 2.2 or higher, with phone functionality.
Not extensively tested in different phones.


Network Type Indicator is a status bar icon indicator of the type of mobile network in use (i.e. 2G, 2G+, 3G, ...).

This app is meant for devices that don't include this information in the status bar by default (e.g. Xperias).


Source code is not public for now.

Known Issues

Cyanogenmod and DC-HSPA
Dual carrier HSPA can't be detected with the standard Android API, however it can on Cyanogenmod. The current version of Network Type Indicator doesn't understand the value used on CM, so it is reported as "unknown".
Support for it will be added in an upcoming update.

I'm studying other issues.


If you have a contribution (new ideas, fixes, translations...) to make, please contact me.


Newer changes are listed on the Play Store page.

1.0 beta (May, 9th 2013)