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ObscureFS (which I sometimes abbreviate as obsfs) is a simple FUSE-based filesystem in which filenames are obfuscated and random bits prepended to files (no encryption applied, for real security take a look at EncFS).

Mainly an excuse to write a FUSE FS, but also something that might be used in situations with low security requirements and low CPU power.

It also provides an different methodology from all my other stuff since it *must* be stable and newer versions can't break compatibility.


You don't need such a FS, almost for sure.

The real world usages are probably few but I've a weird situation (admittedly an experiment in itself) in which I prefer a filesystem-inside-a-filesystem and EncFS is overkill, a passthru filesystem would be an option but by using obfuscation stuff like Tracker and Beagle won't index the files in their real location, only in their virtual (i.e. mounted) location.


0.0.1 (Completed)
0.0.2 (Completed)
0.0.3 (Completed)
0.0.4 (Completed)
0.0.5 (Completed)

I'm currently testing it and will publish when I'm comfortable doing so.
I've been using it for a while now with no loss of data, although some programs (e.g. Firefox) don't work well with it (yet? I guess there's some more stuff I've to implement for it to work), should you want to test it just drop me a line.