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pluggablejs is a wrapper around Java's built-in JavaScript engine intended to load pieces of JavaScript code as plugins for programs.
It's a part of some of my Java programs, others can use it although in many cases an ad-hoc solution might be preferable.

Additionally it can be used as a shell to run arbitrary JavaScript code with some extra convenience objects available, although for such uses BeanShell (bsh) makes a lot more sense.
My own, much simpler, RhinoRun can also be used to run arbitrary JavaScript.


Binary jar
net.outlyer.plugins.Shell wrappers
Debian binary package
Source jar
Source code Will upload soon, see the source jar instead
Includes source code and some sample usages.

"Shell" usage

Code run in the shell has access a default set of utilities (more details to come).

Running a script

$ java net.outlyer.plugins.Shell file.js

Hello world and pals

// helloworld.js
out.println("Hello World!")

$ java -cp pluggablejs.jar net.outlyer.plugins.Shell helloworld.js
Hello World!

// namedhello.js
out.println("Hello " + ui.prompt("What's your name?"))

$ java -cp pluggablejs.jar net.outlyer.plugins.Shell namedhello.js
What's your name?: Toni
Hello Toni

// hellobye.js
// Includes usage of callbacks and reference to variables defined later on
hooks.atexit(function() {
   out.println('And bye '+you+'!')
var you = ui.prompt("What's your name?")
out.printf("Hello %s!\n", new Array(you))

$ java -cp pluggablejs.jar net.outlyer.plugins.Shell hellobye.js
What's your name?: Toni
Hello Toni!
And bye Toni!

// plainjava.js
java.lang.System.out.println("Hello world without wrapping");

$ java -cp pluggablejs.jar net.outlyer.plugins.Shell plainjava.js
Hello world without wrapping


The first line is evaluated twice, so it shouldn't have side effects.

TBD: More details to come

© 2008 Toni Corvera <outlyer at gmail dot com>