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 <btn type="​info"​ size="​lg"​ icon="​glyphicon glyphicon-heart">​[[tips]]</​btn>​ <btn type="​info"​ size="​lg"​ icon="​glyphicon glyphicon-heart">​[[tips]]</​btn>​
 ---- ----
-(c) 2001-2019 [[ccat>​|Toni Corvera]]+(c) 2001-2020 [[ccat>​|Toni Corvera]] 
 \\ \\
 <wrap classes small>​%%[%%[[blog>​pubkey.asc|GPG key]]%%]%%</​wrap>​ <wrap classes small>​%%[%%[[blog>​pubkey.asc|GPG key]]%%]%%</​wrap>​
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