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 Written in Java, not open sourced (yet?). Written in Java, not open sourced (yet?).
-===== Misc =====+==== Docker Images ​====
-==== Resilio Sync Docker ​image for ARMHF ==== +I've published a couple ​Docker ​images intended to be used on multiple architectures (i.e. for use on both PCs and Raspberry Pi's).
-<btn type="​primary"​ size="​sm">​[[https://​hub.docker.com/​r/​outlyernet/​resiliosync-armhf|Details at Docker Hub]]</​btn>​+
-slight ​modification of the official Resilio Sync images ​to use on the ''​armhf'' ​archiecture (e.g. the Raspberry Pi).+=== Resilio Sync Docker images for multiple architectures === 
 +<btn type="​primary"​ size="​sm">​[[https://​hub.docker.com/​r/​outlyernet/​resiliosync-multiarch|Details at Docker Hub]]</​btn>​ 
 +A modification of the official Resilio Sync image to use on architectures other than the default ​''​amd64''​. 
 +=== dnsmasq Docker images for multiple architectures === 
 +<btn type="​primary"​ size="​sm">​[[https://​hub.docker.com/​r/​outlyernet/​dnsmasq-multiarch|Details at Docker Hub]]</​btn>​ 
 +A modification of the [[https://​hub.docker.com/​r/​jpillora/​dnsmasq|jpillora'​s dnsmasq]] image to use on architectures other than the default ''​amd64''​. 
 +=== Docker Reaper/​Nigromancer === 
 +<btn type="​primary"​ size="​sm">​[[https://​hub.docker.com/​r/​outlyernet/​reaper-nigromancer|Details at Docker Hub]]</​btn>​ 
 +A simple Docker image that will restart unhealthy containers. 
 +===== Misc =====
 ==== Clean Google OpenSearch plugin == ==== Clean Google OpenSearch plugin ==
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 ---- ----
 +==== ====
 <WRAP centeralign>​ <WRAP centeralign>​
-<btn type="​info"​ size="​lg"​ icon="​glyphicon glyphicon-heart">​[[donations]]</​btn>​+<btn type="​info"​ size="​lg"​ icon="​glyphicon glyphicon-heart">​[[tips]]</​btn>​
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-(c) 2001-2017 [[blog>|Toni Corvera]]+(c) 2001-2020 [[ccat>|Toni Corvera]] 
 \\ \\
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