Video Contact Sheet *NIX (vcs)


Bash script to create contact sheets (preview images) from videos.
Written in Bash, LGPL license.
First published on 2007.

Network Type Indicator (Android App)

Details Google Play Store

A mobile network type indicator for Android devices.
Written in Java, not open sourced (yet?).
First published on 2013.



A command-line interface to retrieve passwords stored with the Revelation Password Manager.
Written in Python, BSD (New) license.


Nautilus plugin to open the real location of symlink'ed directories.
Written in C, LGPL license.



An mp3 bitrate plot tool.
Written in C++, GPL license.

Quick File Share (Android App)

Details Google Play Store

Easy file sharing between devices at maximum speed.
Written in Java, not open sourced (yet?).

Docker Images

I've published a couple Docker images intended to be used on multiple architectures (i.e. for use on both PCs and Raspberry Pi's).

Resilio Sync Docker images for multiple architectures

Details at Docker Hub

A modification of the official Resilio Sync image to use on architectures other than the default amd64.

dnsmasq Docker images for multiple architectures

Details at Docker Hub

A modification of the jpillora's dnsmasq image to use on architectures other than the default amd64.

Docker Reaper/Nigromancer

Details at Docker Hub

A simple Docker image that will restart unhealthy containers.

Clean Google OpenSearch plugin


Add a search engine in compatible browsers (e.g. to Firefox's search box) to search Google with no extra arguments.

TFCWeb: A multithreaded webserver

TFCWeb project page

My capstone project, a basic multithreaded webserver core (plus its accompanying paper on its design and implementation process).
This is an academic project, definitely not ready for production but might be of interest to someone for reference purposes.
Writen in C++11, GPL license (paper under CC-by-sa license).



A simple FUSE-based filesystem in which filenames are obfuscated and random bits prepended to files (no encryption applied, for real security take a look at EncFS).
Mainly an excuse to write a FUSE FS, but also something that might be used in situations with low security requirements and low CPU power.
It also provides an different methodology from all my other stuff since it *must* be stable and newer versions can't break compatibility.
Status: Working (beta-level), still adding features.
Written in C++, GPL license.

Caveat Emptor
Below this line, it's no man's land.

WordPress plugins


Plugins Relative URLs, Interlinks+, JS Base2 and JS Syntax Highlighter.


Bash script set mythtv-helper-scripts: mythtv-sql-inject, mythvideo-player and mythtv-get-program-info.
Some patches for MythTV were coming but due to bad signal reception I can't use MythTV as a DVR right now so can't really test them enough for the time being.

Java code


Some Java classes extracted from my programs, either current or abandoned.
Classes: RhinoRun and ExitCodes.
Public Domain and BSD license.



A wrapper around Java's JavaScript engine intended to load plugins (used by other of my projects).
Written in Java, BSD (New) license.

JavaScript on Java

Scripts to be run by Rhino (JavaScript for Java), stuff built on top of pluggablejs.
Scripts: Zeroer

These are abandoned (or temporarily abandoned) projects.

Project Igeus

 Preview screenshots: GUI, CLI

A parallel (aka multi-connection) downloader, much like axel, prozilla or GetRight.
Since none of the parallel downloaders I know of available on Linux support https I started mine.
Status: ABANDONED. Unstable pre-alpha.
Written in Java, License to be decided.

Project Idorus (pre-release)


Igeus' little brother :)
A wrapper around wget, curl (and possibly others) to download *different* files in parallel (unlike Igeus which downloads parts of a file in parallel).
Built on top of pluggablejs.
Status: ABANDONED. Pre-release, working but with some rough edges.
Written in Java, BSD (New) license

oBloc / Bloc de notas


A J2ME/MIDP notepad (notepad for Mobile -Feature- Phones).
I don't discard resuming work on it at some point.
Written in Java J2ME, BSD (New) license Supported languages: English, Spanish & Catalan.

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