This page is to be written yet, I have some scripts and patches I use on my MythTV system(s) that I'll publish here eventually.

MythTV helper scripts

First version published on November 17th 2007. BSD-licensed.

The only stuff published so far, these are three scripts I use often. I don't know how cross-platform they're, have only Debian and Ubuntu boxes at hand.

The central part of the package.
It eases querying the database directly by hand or by scripts with no need to type the user/password etc. each time.
Queries can be piped to it, e.g.:
echo “SELECT data FROM settings WHERE value='UDPNotifyPort'" | mythtv-sql-inject
echo ”INSERT INTO websites SET grp='Searches',dsc='Google',url=''" | mythtv-sql-inject
Plays a file with MythVideo's configured player and options, and possibly other extra options passed in the command-line. Useful if you have some files that require special options, configuring it in their settings avoid having to re-type your default command on each file.
Looks up the database and prints recording information corresponding to a file in the recordings directory.

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