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 +This page is to be written yet, I have some scripts and patches I use on my MythTV system(s) that I'll publish here eventually.
 +====== MythTV helper scripts ======
 +First version published on November 17th 2007. BSD-licensed.
 +The only stuff published so far, these are three scripts I use often. I don't know how cross-platform they'​re,​ have only Debian and Ubuntu boxes at hand.
 +  ; mythtv-sql-inject
 +  : The central part of the package.\\
 +It eases querying the database directly by hand or by scripts with no need to type the user/​password etc. each time.\\
 +Queries can be piped to it, e.g.:\\
 +''​echo "<​nowiki>​SELECT data FROM settings WHERE value='​UDPNotifyPort'"​ | mythtv-sql-inject</​nowiki>''​\\
 +''​echo "​%%INSERT INTO websites SET grp='​Searches',​dsc='​Google',​url='​http://​www.google.com'"​ | mythtv-sql-inject%%''​
 +  ; mythvideo-player
 +  : Plays a file with MythVideo'​s configured player and options, and possibly other extra options passed in the command-line. Useful if you have some files that require special options, configuring it in their settings avoid having to re-type your default command on each file.
 +  ; mythtv-get-recording-info
 +  : Looks up the database and prints recording information corresponding to a file in the recordings directory.
 +===== Download =====
 +  * gzipped tar: [[/​mythtv/​files/​mythtv-helper-scripts-1.tar.gz|mythtv-helper-scripts-1.tar.gz]]
 +  * deb package: [[deb>​mythtv/​files/​mythtv-helper-scripts_1_all.deb|mythtv-helper-scripts_1_all.deb]] [conversion with alien should be no problem]
 +<WRAP rightalign small>
 +//(c) 2007 Toni Corvera < outlyer at gmail dot com >//
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