The full changelog can always be found at p.outlyer.net/nautilus-follow-symlink/files/ChangeLog.

This is a selection, where minor or internal changes are usually omitted.

1.2.0 (August, 18th 2012)

  • Support for GNOME 3
  • Support to compile against Caja instead of Nautilus
  • Bugfix: Correctly escape paths

1.2.0-pre.1 (April, 4th 2011)

  • Preliminary support for GNOME 3

1.1 (April, 30th 2009)

  • Use stock icon instead of hard-wired icon location
  • Provide a configure script by default
  • Various other packaging cleanups/fixes

1.0.99-pre.1 (May, 4th 2008)

  • Support for GNOME 2.2 and above

1.0.2 (May, 12th 2007)

  • Fixed icon location for newer systems

1.0.1 (December, 12th 2006)

  • Bugfix: Show correctly file names with underscores
  • Bugfix: Fix compilation on 64bits arches

1.0 (November, 10th 2006)

  • First public release
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