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This is a selection, where minor or internal changes are usually omitted.

  • 1.0.100a (Published April 10th 2009) (1.1.0 “RC2”)
    • Preliminary support for OSes other than Linux (specially FreeBSD, on which it can be considered beta). So far output is less clean on those systems.
    • BUGFIX: Don't fail if tput fails to set console colour
    • BUGFIX: Check for requirements early, shouldn't die silently
  • 1.0.99 (Published March 11th 2009) (1.1.0 “RC1”)
    • Experimental support for DVDs (-V)
    • Added JPEG 2000 output format (-j2)
    • Polaroid mode renamed to photos mode, and introduction of new polaroid and polaroidframe modes
    • Slight adjustments in the timestamp size based on capture size.
    • Better detection of video frame rate (no more 1.000 fps, in theory) and audio channels number by using ffmpeg.
    • Bugfix: Fixed overlap mode putting all images on the same location (only with newer versions of ImageMagick?)
  • 1.0.12 (Published April 16th 2008)
    • Corrected 0ms timestamps (seconds were being used as ms too)
    • Re-added the (disabled for long) black border after highlights
    • Added a minimun length to use the end offset
    • Bugfix: Fixed the regression on highlights from the last version (extra padding was being added my IM automatically)
    • Bugfix: Fixed parsing of manual timestamps including milliseconds (when seconds didn't include the s character they were accidentally multiplied by 10!)
  • 1.0.11 (Published April 8th 2008)
    • Don't print ms when using mplayer
    • Better alignment in extended mode
    • Bugfix: (brown bag bug) Corrected typo in variable name that made vcs fail when setting the default timecode derivation to number of captures instead of interval
    • Some support for older versions of bash
    • Added FOURCC for VC-1
  • 1.0.10 (Published November 8th 2007)
  • 1.0.9a (Published June 10th 2007) Bugfix release
    • Bugfix: Fixed regression introduced in 1.0.8a which broke extended mode (Thanks to Aleksandar Urošević).
    • Bugfix: Was using the incorrect number of extended mode columns.
  • 1.0.8a (Published June 2nd 2007) Bugfix release
    • Bugfix: -c was ignored when using the interval mode (-i and default behaviour) (Thanks to Homer S).
    • Bugfix: Right side of heading wasn't using the user's font colour (Thanks to Dougn Redhammer).
  • 1.0.7a (Published May 12th 2007)
    • Print the title before the highlights.
    • Feature: End offset: Now a number of seconds (defaults to 60) from the end is ignored by default. This gives a better result with full feature films but might be an annoyance with music videos and such. Change the default with -E / --end_offset or disable it with -E0. The default can be overridden with DEFAULT_END_OFFSET. Can be disabled by adding DEFAULT_END_OFFSET=0 to configuration files.
    • Decimal point precision for seeking and timecodes
      • Accept decimal point timecodes (e.g. 20s.23)
    • Workaround for the problem with ffmpeg's arguments order (some files fail depending on the order of arguments) (-Wo changes the order to try to avoid the problem).
    • Experimental support for non-latin alphabets in filename (-Ik / --mincho).
      • Added overrides for the filename font (font_filename) and for the default Minchō font (FONT_MINCHO).
    • Replaced hard by soft shadows
    • Added codec ids for On2's codecs (VP3 to VP6), TSCC (Camtasia), Theora and added (unused?) extra Indeo codec ids
    • Allow changing the contact sheet background (override bg_contact)
    • tput (for coloured console text) is now an optional requirement.
    • Use /dev/shm for temporal output if possible.
    • Allow redirecting the output of ffmpeg/mplayer for debugging purposes (overrides stdout and stderr).
    • Bugfix / Feature: Correctly round the number of extended captures to be a multiple of the number of colu,mns.
    • Bugfix: Fixed safe renaming, failed with filenames with leading dashes and assument current directory output.
    • Bugfix: Added forgotten options to the help: -c / --columns -O / --override
    • Bugfix: Made font size of the title and timestamps independent, added overrides font_title, pts_title, fg_title and bg_title.
    • Bugfix: Corrected parsing of intervals (test for illegal characters was incorrect)
    • Bugfix: Print coloured console text to the correct channel
    • Internal: Made the FOURCCs detection case sensitive
    • And many internal changes, the decimal point precision and the funky modes required a lot of changes (rewrites, renamings and code split in smaller units)
  • 1.0.6b (Published Apr 21st 2007) Bugfix release
    • Bugfix: Use mktemp instead of tempfile (Thanks to o kapi) (Note previous versions probably failed on non-debian derived systems).
  • 1.0.5b (Published Apr 20th 2007)
    • Feature: Extended mode (-e).
    • Feature: Highligh mode (-l).
    • Feature: Basic auto aspect ratio guess (-A).
    • Feature: Command-line overrides (-O).
    • Allow using real user name instead of user id (-U).
    • Colourful feedback on the console if possible.
    • Added a bunch of codec ids
    • And of course some fixes :)
  • 1.0.4b (Published Apr 17th 2007)
    • Feature: Aspect ratio support (with -a). Note it breaks the usage of --shoehorn to resize the video, which is totally intended anyway.
    • Bugfix: Put temp files in temporary locations. Should help with some filesystems. Thanks to Alon Levy for the bugreport.
    • Refinement: Suport for per-dir and system-wide configuration files. All of them are loaded if they exist, in order (system-wide, user local, current dir), each one overrides the previous if necessary.
    • Bugfix: Apparently the number of vidcaps output is finally correct.
  • 1.0.3b (Published Apr 14th 2007)
    • Brown bag bugfix: Don't print the full path in the heading.
  • 1.0.2b (Published Apr 14th 2007)
    • Gone beta: Multiple code cleanups.
    • Bugfix: Fixed program signature (broken in previous update).
    • Applied license.
  • 1.0.1a (Published Apr 13th 2007)
    • Refinement: Allow more readable timestamps. Some examples with equivalent forms:
      Refer to 1:30:15 as: 1h30m15s = 1h30m15 = 5415s = 5415
      Refer to 1:03:00 as: 1h03m = 1h3m = 1h180s = 63m = 3780
    • Feature: Manual mode (-m). Output only the captures set by the user with -S.
    • Feature: Allow per-user config, which allows e.g. setting a different username that the default or changing the colours. See the script source for a list of allowed variables. Example ~/.vcs.conf:
      # vcs configuration
      user=outlyer		# Sign as outlyer
      # Change the signature from "Preview by outlyer" to "A rip by outlyer"
      user_signature="A rip by"
      bg_heading=slategray	# Use slategray headings (same as default footer)
      pts_heading=12		# Smaller font for heading

      Note this example is updated to the changes in the last version.

  • 1.0a (Published Apr 10th 2007)
    • Feature: Allow setting the output height of the individual vidcaps (-H), the width is auto calculated from it.
    • Bugfix: If there'll be just one vidcap take it from the middle and not the end of the video.
    • Feature: Allow manually setting the number of columns (-c)
    • Added codec ids of WMV v8 and WMA v2
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