Full list of command-line options

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This is the full list of options accepted by vcs, sorted by their long name.

The See column links to the page explaining the option. The Example column shows an example with valid arguments in case it accepts.

Long option Short option Short description See Example
--anonymous -U0 Disable “created by…” signature line
--autoaspect -A Try to guess aspect ratio Capture size and aspect ratio -A
--aspect -a Aspect ratio Capture size and aspect ratio -a 4/3
--columns -c Number of columns Number of columns -c 3
--config 1) -C Load a configuration file Configuration files -C myconfig.conf
--disable -d Disable certain functions
--dvd -V DVD Mode
--dvd-title 2)   Choose DVD title (DVD's equivalent to “tracks”)
--end-offset -E Time ignored from end End offset -E 5m
--extended -e Enable extended mode Extended mode -e2
--from -f Starting time for captures Partial captures -f 90s
--fullname -U Use real user name
--funky -k Funky operation modes
--height -H Height of captures Capture size and aspect ratio -H 240
--help -h Show list of options
--highlight -l Highlighted manual capture Highlights -l 2m30
--interval -i Capture interval Capture count modes -i 1m
--jpeg -j Output JPEG -j
--jpeg 2 3) -j2 Output JPEG 2000 -j2
--jpeg2 Output JPEG 2000 4) --jpeg2
--manual -m Manual-only mode Manual-only mode -m
--nonlatin -Ik Non-latin scripts mode
--numcaps -n Number of captures Capture count modes -n 20
--override -O Override configuration option Configuration files -O bg_sign=Gray
--profile 5) -p Load a given profile Profiles -p myprofile
--stamp -S Manual capture Manually added captures -S 20
--to -t Ending time for captures Partial captures -t 1h30m
--user -u Set the name used in the signature
-Wc Disable colour in console output 6)
-Wo Workaround
-Ws Increase number of safe-mode measuring tests 7)
-Wp Increase accuracy of safe-mode measuring 8)

1) , 2) , 5)
Since 1.12
Note a space is required between jpeg and 2, but not between -j and 2
4) , 6) , 7) , 8)
Since 1.11
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