Profiles are new feature in 1.12.

Profiles are configuration files which are given a name and saved on a fixed location for easy loading. See Configuration files for syntax and available settings.

The provided packaged versions of vcs include three sample profiles (black, white, and mosaic) matching the examples in the Example configuration page.

Use -p :list to get a list of installed profiles:

$ vcs -p :list
Video Contact Sheet *NIX v1.12, (c) 2007-2010 Toni Corvera
Profiles located:
 * black: White-on-Black
 * mosaic: Tight, small, thumbnails
 * white: Black-on-White profile

E.g. to load the “Black” profile use:

$ vcs -p black

The can be saved to:

  • ~/.vcs/profiles/
  • /usr/local/share/vcs/profiles/
  • /usr/share/vcs/profiles/

Their extension must be conf, e.g. the black profile mentioned above (included with vcs) can be found in


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