Partial captures

The starting and ending timestamp can be set manually. By default the whole video will be processed (except the last minute, see below).

Use -f (--from) to set the starting point for captures. Use -t (--to) to set the ending point for captures.

The usual format for time strings is accepted, see Time / Interval syntax.

Captures manually set (with -S or -l ignore these limits).

The end offset is an amount of time from the end of the video that is ignored. In a way it is the reverse to --to.

By default this value is 5.5% of the video length.

Use -E (--end-offset) to set this value. The usual time-string format is accepted, see Time / Interval syntax, percentages are also accepted (and recommended) to adapt its value to the video length. It will be ignored if set too high.

All dates/times in this page are UTC.
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