Setting Contact Sheet Colours

Colours can be set through configuration/overrides. There's a set of variables controlling colour, listed below. Background colours start with bg_ while font colours start with fg_

Colour-controlling variables
Background colours
Variable Controls
bg_heading Background for meta-information
bg_sign Background for signature
bg_title Background for the title
bg_contact Background for the captures
bg_tstamps Background for timestamps
Font colours
Variable Controls
fg_heading Meta-information font colour
fg_sign Footer font colour
fg_tstamps Timestamps font colour
fg_title Title font colour

They accept both named colours or hex-code (HTML-style) colours.
To see a list of named colours, use:

$ convert -list color

The simplest way to set your preferred colours is to add them to a configuration file, e.g. ~/.vcs.conf.

Example ''~/.vcs.conf'' #1


Example colours #1

Example ''~/.vcs.conf'' #2


Example colours #2

Example with default colours

This would be the result with the default colours:
Example colours with default colours (in vcs 1.11)

  • You can also set colours from (a very long) command-line to change for a single file, e.g.:
      $ vcs -O bg_heading=gray -O bg_sign=silver -O 'bg_contact=#cbe1d2' -O 'fg_heading=#fefefe' [other options] file.avi
  • Since vcs also reads any file named vcs.conf in the directory from where you call it, you can also set up different profiles by creating files named vcs.conf with your preferred colours and running vcs from the same directory,
    e.g. place the first example in dir1/vcs.conf and the second in dir2/vcs.conf:
        $ cd dir1
        $ vcs [options] file.avi    # The first example colours will be used
        $ cd ../dir2
        $ vcs [options] file.avi    # The second example colours will be used

Current (1.11 and above) Previous (1.0.3b to 1.0.100a) Old (≤ 1.0.2b)

All dates/times in this page are UTC.
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