Version renumbering

Last version released was 1.0.100a. Next version will be 1.11

At some point I messed badly with version numbering so I've decided to fix the mess a bit. Essentially, each new release will bump the minor (x.Y.z) version while bugfix only releases will bump the micro (x.y.Z) version. I'll also drop the a and b suffixes and just state at release time how experimental they are, since I don't follow any alpha/beta stages.

Here's the table of how the previous versions should have been numbered. I won't be renaming/renumbering them, only future versions will follow this numbering.

Old version New version Notes
1.0.100a 1.10
1.0.99 1.9
1.0.12 1.8
1.0.11 1.7
1.0.10 1.6
1.0.9a 1.5.2 Bugfix release
1.0.8a 1.5.1 Bugfix release
1.0.7a 1.5
1.0.6b 1.4.1 Bugfix release
1.0.5b 1.4
1.0.4b 1.3
1.0.3b 1.2.1 Bugfix release
1.0.2b 1.2
1.0.1a 1.1
1.0a 1.0
All dates/times in this page are UTC.
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