Parts of a contact sheet

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These are the sections of a contact sheet:

The default output only contains the heading, standard sheet and signature footer, and looks something like:
Default contact sheet

Whereas a contact sheet can, optionally, also contain a title, a set of highlighted captures and a set of extra, smaller captures like:
Full contact sheet


The heading contains important information about the video file: codecs, file size, pixel size, frames per second and length.


A title can be added to a contact sheet with the -T or --title option.

Highlights sheet section

A set of captures can be manually set as highlights with the -l or %–%highlight option.
Typical uses are displaying the title as shown in the video (like in this example), the casting or highlighting crucial moments in the video.

Standard contact sheet section

The standard sheet is where the main part, it contains the captures as controlled by most options. See Usage for more details.

Extended contact sheet section

The extended sheet (or spoiler sheet as I fondly call it), when enabled, contains a lot of smaller captures, based on the number of normal captures. Enable it with -e or –extended.


The footer contains the name of the capturer (can be disabled or changed at will with -u/--user, -U/--fullname and -U0/--anonymous); and a line with vcs blatant self-promotion :-P (which I believe might be useful to help people find such a tool if they're looking for one so it's not so easy to disable :-))

All dates/times in this page are UTC.
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